A Day in the Life of Stone Masonry Services – Spokane Events

There are always noteworthy happenings throughout the world. Adrian Sims is the owner of CBS Stoneworks. He documents an entire day during his time as a stonemason by making the YouTube clip “A Day in the life of a STONE MASON BUSINESS OWNER.”

Adrian Sims’s very first stopover was his Royal Beige residences. Sims’s team put the final touches for the Hudson Bay ledgestone and scaffolding homes. Sims and his crew ensure that safety measures like scaffold attachment and using Lanyards to minimize the chance of accidents.

Sims was the next to visit Mill Bay Homes, finishing stone veneers for columns chimneys and hot tubs. The flower beds were made using concrete, and then finished with stones veneer. To allow rainwater to be able to flow freely into the flower beds Weeper holes were made.

Sims finds stonemasonry to be an enjoyable work and is an enthusiastic supporter of the English soccer club Manchester United.


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