What is a Dedicated Online Gaming Server? – Shine Articles

erent. This video is geared toward newbies. It will provide an overview of the steps needed on how to create an online gaming server at home.

Guides to setting up your server all over the internet will not be capable of covering every scenario you may encounter, due to the constant evolution of technology, which makes many tips obsolete within months. Start by purchasing hardware for your server. It is not necessary to purchase a new PC, so using an older computer should work just fine.

Next, you should choose the operating system you want to use, like windows. There is no support available for older operating systems. Make sure you are in the current version of your licence before beginning. You will then need to install the software. An instructional guide is provided for you to follow correctly.

Once the software is installed then you’ll need to adjust it in a way to give you the settings that you have specifically requested. There is the option of installing mods to your server, however this could make your server run more demanding. In addition, you must set up the firewall in order for the server to be accessible to all users. To find out more about the process, make sure to do some studies!


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