How to Make Your Own Paved Driveway – NC Pool Supply

worth to your property. They are definitely worth investing in. However, if installed incorrectly it could only last between a few months or a couple of years. In this video, we will be taught how to set up an asphalt driveway in the proper method. A contractor can be hired to assist you if do not feel confident about the task.

The first step to making your own driveway that is paved is to prepare the sub-grade. It is done by using tools to smooth the sub-grade until it’s perfectly level. The proper grade is the next step. It’s important that water drains off the driveway and away from the home to prevent flooding. Also, it would be a problem in the event that water would pool on the driveway.

To prevent plants growing up on driveways, it is crucial to spray herbicides prior to the it is time to lay asphalt. Then, an asphalt paving machine is required to ensure that the thickness of asphalt remains consistent. Certain areas could still require to be completed manually in the event that the machine is unable to access these areas. Asphalt should be compacted in the midst of hot temperatures.


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