Your Ultimate Guide to Using a Fire Extinguisher in the Workplace –

A majority of employees will not have the use of a fire extinguisher in the work environment. However, it’s important to learn what to respond to a fire, as workplace fires can be found across the US each year. This video will show you how to respond if you encounter a fire extinguisher.

The extinguisher usually has directions printed on it. Prior to using the extinguisher it is essential to study all instructions. In the video, the presenter advises you to commit to memory P-A – the acronym for Pull the Pin, Point on the nozzle, press the handle and sweep from Side to Side. Keep in mind that fire extinguishers won’t be created equal. Certain may have directions.

It’s a great idea for workers to locate the commercial facility solutions fire extinguishers in their workplace location and learn use them in order that they do not get caught out in the event of a fire. This is a valuable task and can be repeated the time you need to.


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