What Happens When You’re in a Car Accident but No Damage Occurs to the Vehicle


Police officers are rarely able to respond to car accidents that are not damaged, particularly when there’s no injury. Still, it’s a great idea to report an accident through a police call and, if necessary, filing reports online. If this happens it is necessary to provide the officers with all the details about the accident, along with any evidence you may have such as photos, videos, witness statements, contact, etc.
Acquire Representation If You Need It

It’s best to get an attorney should you be involved in a car accident but nothing has been damaged. As an example, an accident attorney can come in the event that you suffer some injuries in the course of the collision.

A consultation with an attorney will assist you in determining how to handle personal injury lawsuits and get the compensation you’re entitled to. Also, unnoticed car damage occurs later, so the presence of an attorney in your corner will be an added advantage.

In all likelihood, you need to speak to a lawyer if you’re responsible for the accident. Even if other third parties did not suffer injuries but you are still liable to get sued in the event of a crash. It is good to know that lawyers for car accidents are experienced at defending against the aforementioned lawsuits. They can also help diminish your liability.

Legal counsel may need to be consulted in these instances. In such a case, the police or insurance company investigating will usually identify who’s responsible. Although they are impartial third parties It is still possible that they make mistakes and assign blame to you. It is worth having an advocate to defend your rights.

To have a lookup, see your physician

Just like any other collision one should be seeking medical treatment if in a crash however there is no injury. While you might appear to be in good health, it is still possible to overlook some indications of an injury.

Additionally, certain signs and symptoms could appear later in the days or even days after the accident. The most common are pain, swelling, and bruises.


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