Creative Laundry Room Ideas – Home Improvement Videos

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Conversion of a closet

It is possible to keep the laundry room out of sight by turning a closet into one. This is just one of the clever laundry room concepts which will save space and keeps your home looking appealing. Inside a 6-foot-wide cabinet, it is possible to fit your essentials. You can install front-loading appliances and then top it with a butcher block countertop. The shelves that are open can be added onto the top of your drying rack.

Hallway Laundry Room

A laundry area can be built in the hall. Also, you can use clever techniques to hide equipment or storage. You can use your cabinets on the wall to organize everyday essentials with closed doors, and a metal rod to hang clothes. For a modern look with wallpaper, install it. To find other laundry room design suggestions, look up through the web.

Combination of Bathroom and Laundry Room

An additional laundry room is not something most people could afford. You can combine your laundry and bathroom , making it much more creative. You can do this by merging the laundry area with a second-floor bathroom. You can stack your washer and dryer for the best space. Also, use open shelves to keep all laundry items and toiletries within easy reach. It is possible to create a laundry area within your house with this unique concept.

A laundry room that has one wall

One wall can be used to put on a front loading washer and dryer. Then, stack them together or set the two adjacent when space permits it. To make countertops, you can use the butcher block as well as storage shelves. Give your home a unique look by painting colorful ceilings or laying mats that are great on the floor.

Ideas for the Laundry Room Storage

The laundry room are made more practical with the help of furniture and other elements that ensure everything is within the proper order. You can adapt your own pace with these ideas


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