Which Tires Should You Buy for Your Car? – Life Cover Guide

These are the most important things that an individual driver has to take into consideration before making a choice on tires. A majority of motorists must pick between the winter/three-season tire or each. All-season tires are an option that is not the best, but it’s also not perfect at all or making a dent in particular category. They have decent handling, good grip in the wet, moderate ride quality, smooth and quiet, as well as some snow capabilities. They offer both dry and wet weather traction in warm and moderate weather. They’re extremely durable, however they’re not able to be used when temperatures fall below 40°F.

In areas where it is cold, drivers will benefit from purchasing winter tires. However, they need to be removed when temperature begins to rise. Anyone who is going to a tire retailer should check their car manual or door jamb placard for the correct size of tires to purchase. The measurements of tires will appear like this : P225/70R16 97H. In relation to the tire’s measurements such as width and depth, the first “P225/70R16” is. The tire load index is the third part “97H”. A speed rating of 130 miles per hour is indicated by the letter H.


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