What You Need to Know About Aluminum Coils – Work Flow Management


There are numerous ways of making aluminum products. Find out more on aluminum coils.

One kind of aluminum coil is an extruded aluminum tube which features a few internal enhancements and a greater pressure drop, but there is no zinc cladding.

It is more popular to weld aluminum coils. Welding allows for optimizing the internal wall of the tube. It can be done with embossed angle enhancements to provide additional benefits. They include turbulent refrigerate flow to improve heat transfer efficiency.

What’s the process for making aluminum coils and tubes? The aluminum tubes we sell are constructed out of flat aluminum strips that have great strength. These aluminum strips can be embossed or zinc-clad. This aluminum strip is then shaped and joined to form a tube. The process results in aluminum tubing that has a wall that is 71% larger than the current copper tubing to provide incredible quality and strength.

Check out the video below to find more details on aluminum coils and the process by which they’re created.


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