Tornado Travels Through Wind Turbine Farm – Entertainment Videos

You can decide for yourself.

In the recent past people who chase storms have been making use of remote drones for long distances and more. The technology is improving and drones are now more easily accessible. High-end drones can be capable to provide stunning videos from weaker tornadoes close up. However, the larger tornadoes are more likely to grab drones and tear them into pieces.

In this clip, you are able to see a comparatively mild tornado taking on large portions of dirt as well as branches. It’s reddish-brown in color due to the fact that it is a tornado. For better views, a drone hovers near the tornado. The tornado is approaching a windfarm filled with gigantic wind turbines. There is a temptation to think about what might happen if the turbines were to become functioning during a tornado, but it appears that the emergency shutoff was put in place to keep the turbines being spun at a high speed. The blades could be damaged, and removed from service. The tornado appears to have done little damage.


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