Tesla Smashes Into Convention Center at 70 MPH – Fast Car Video

These vehicles have gained popularity in recent years. They look similar to sports cars. They’re completely electrical. They’re in more demand than ever as people continue to look for carbon-saving solutions. They’re thoroughly tested for the safety of their users. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the driver drives safely. In the following video it is possible to observe a reckless driver hit an Ohio convention center at approximately 70 miles per hour.

The Tesla car shown in the video is totaled in the way you can see. If anyone wants to salvage the vehicle, they’ll require a lot of body work. The car crashed into the entrances of the convention centre at high speed. Around the car was broken glass as well as other pieces of debris. The driver was fine but the driver was not. Even though there was an event for girls volleyball going inside, no one was in danger. The convention centre was left unharmed. Costs to repair the damages is estimated at $250,000. This can be considered recklessness at its finest.


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