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Are you happy with your house? Windows are something that you need to think about, because they contribute a great deal to the interior design of your home. Below are some guidelines for choosing the best window covering.

1. The type of window treatment

You must first determine what style of window treatment you are looking for on your windows. In areas with a lot of traffic, like the kitchen or laundry area or even bathroom you should have a valance.

2. Valance

Windows provide a tiny bit more space to the top of them to roof. There is a possibility of hanging a drape. Hang thee valance a little more high so that your windows will appear larger.

3. The measurement of drapery Panels

Consider the space that your drapery panels will take up, as there is a small space at the top of your window. For your home to look larger, hang the curtain panels at the greatest height.

4. Drapery Hardware

If you’re seeking simple window curtains, there should be a french return rod that allows the drapes to extend all the way to the outside so that there are no lights will show through the window coverings.

5. Rod cutting

If you’re not a fan of the visible rods in the room then you must trim it the rod down. Reducing it to 18 to 20 inches. Then, place one of the panels at each end. ebbsmvvwyh.

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