What Are the Differences Between Braided and Spiral Hoses? – Free Car Magazines

All braided pipes made of metal are not all created equal.
There are two types of hydraulic hoses: spiral and wire-braided. It is evident when you look inside the tubes. A braided pipe will be made up of layers that interlock inside of and on top of each other. It will not have straight lines. The hoses that are spiral have layers of flat materials that are stacked on top of each other and are characterized by straight lines. The lines will not intermix with each other.
Braided hoses are made for high-pressure situations but not repeated movement of the hammer, for example the one you get when using an axe or jackhammer. The more you bang, the more braids split from inside leaving a weak spot within the hose. The weak point will eventually result in a failure of the hose.
The spiral hose should be employed in situations of high pressure and where there will be repeatedly impacting motions. Spiral hoses are not malleable or elastic, like braided. h3k6q8klz2.

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