Entertainment Videos Becoming a Female Model Over Age 50 – Entertainment Videos


However, if all female models were young, then which would the advertisers turn to to make ads that appeal to older viewers? The art of modeling isn’t possible without models who are older than 50. This video features the woman who discusses her journey to becoming models in her 60s. While her entire professional life was consisted of marketing and communications, modeling did not appear in any advertisements. Her introduction to modeling following the publication of an article about herself, with a photo of herself in the article. Although she didn’t have a portfolio she could get in the industry with just only a handful of professional photographs. Her role was as model for the use of gray hair dyes. While her modeling started off slowly and without any pay but it soon picked up her pace once she was more involved in the business. Her modeling career has revamped the way she works and gave her an entirely different perspective of things like marketing, living and getting oneself out on the market.

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