Tips For Troubleshooting Your HVAC – NYC Independent Press

It can be frustrating being constantly calling an repair person who will come and fix the problem on your behalf, as well. This video shows how an technician handles typical commercial heating issues. It is possible to find an DIY solution to certain of the issues you’ve seen him describe, though he’s a certified professional.

He must first deal with a problem inside his coil which causes it shaky. He will then take a small section of the coil in order to fix it. It is important to note that copper tubing can be less thick and therefore less secure than rest of the tubing. Then, he crimps and sweats the tubing to identify and fix the leakage.

He then took the potentially harmful tubes of their connection to the main system in order that they can be checked. He also decided to block off twotubes, in order to ensure that he was on the safe and secure.

He was able to complete his job and was able to resolve the HVAC issue. 41wcemboh5.

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