Pom Pom Scrunchies Tutorial – Online Voucher

The only thing you need is a long piece of satin. You’re going to fold it into thirds , then cut it into 24×4. Mark where you’d like to stitch. Then, you’ll need about a half inch space between pieces in order to have the space for overlap. Importantly, you must ensure that it’s straight and level. Sew it all the way beyond an inch or two. You need to ensure that your seams are even. Check that the pom poms are lined up properly so you can connect the scrunchies quickly. Making the pom-poms sewn will be the next step. Once you have made the loop manually it, you are able to pull the thread on the opposite side and create a fully loop. Next, you need to join the pom-pom. You can get the Pom poms at the Dollar Store. The pom poms are used by her approximately 30 times. Place them in the bag that you made. They love the pom-pom scrunchies and she thinks the niece is sure to love it too. This is such a adorable fashion. There are lots of shades available when it comes to the pom-poms. nqwokr2xfr.

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