How Does a Drive Shaft Work? – Your Oil

inside to back the vehicle via the back of the vehicle to be connected by the. It accomplishes this by transmitting the power of spinning from front to back. Transmission torque is then transmitted to the differential, which transmits the torque to the wheels.

In absence of the transfer of torque between the two components the drivetrain is not able to function. The components of the drivetrain aren’t subject to movement. The driveshaft allows two different parts to connect without risking damage.

Drive shaft designs are of two types: torque tube and Hotchkiss. Some older cars used torque tube drive shafts, that are still used on a number of vehicles, including SUVs and trucks. Tubes protect the drive shaft. Transmission and differential are linked with torque tubes by a one-universal joint (or U-joint). 1qk8a35dzq.

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