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Types of roof materials to choose for your home rds.

Insect-friendly – Wood is a magnet for insects and pests including termites, wasps and wood borer. It is recommended to conduct regular inspections by roofers to avoid the damage caused by insects.


They are stylish as well as durable. They are weighty and costly, but they are able to last for more than 100 years.

In the past, roofing tiles were mostly composed of fired clay, slate, or terracotta . The roofing tiles of today, however are made from concrete.

Tiles for roofing are available in many designs: fluted, curved and interlocking or flat. These tiles can also be found in many styles: Spanish, Scandia, Double Roman, Flat shake, Pantile Barrel French and Riviera.

Pros of Tile Roofs

It’s the primary feature of any roof material available for your house. The new tile for your roof can last for over 100 years with the correct climate.

Unaffected by decay or insect destruction – unlike a wooden roof, a roof made of tiles doesn’t rot, nor does it attract pests.

Environmentally friendly – tiles can be made of concrete that is made from earth minerals. It can be reused and crushed.

It’s efficient in energy use. The roofing tiles’ thermal mass helps to regulate the indoor temperature.

Concrete tiles are easy to maintain. They require very little or minimal maintenance.

Roof Tiles: The Cons

High price – Roof tiles are not only expensive to purchase, they also require professional installation by a roofing professional.

The installation is challenging – roof tile installation isn’t a DIY project.

Tiles are brittle – Unlike metals, tiles have low tension.

Not recommended for all roof slopes The tile roof is only appropriate for roofs with sharp slopes.


Clay roofs gained a lot of attention during the 12th century and are still widely used today. Clay roofing is durable and have proved to be an effective roofing material.


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