How Do Electricity Meters Work? – Madison County Library

This video is taken in a tangle. The devices used to measure electricity look like clocks mounted on the wall and used for keeping track of the quantity of energy consumed in a given month.

Every reading has a previous and current sensor reading and the difference represents your consumption of electricity throughout the entire month, measured in Kilowatt-hours. There are two primary varieties of electricity: analog and digital meters.

An employee of the utility company will visit your home once per month to inspect an electric meter that is analog.

The digital electricity meters transmit data to a company which processes utility bills instantly via internet radio or satellite.

Although they have a lot in common with traditional electricity meters, modern electricity meters feature a converter that sends information as digital signals. This is not the case on older units. The electronic meters of today are easier to read and comprehend as compared to analog meters. tofhw4xhw4.

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