Writing an RFI Vs. an RFP – This Week Magazine


There is a chance that you’re interested in a package delivery service , or perhaps you need to streamline your online marketing strategy. RFI is an Request for Information, while RFP stands for a Request to Proposal. The two types of documents demand careful focus and a variety of elements. This video will offer you an outline of how to create the documents.

It’s recommended to send RFPs for a minimum of 8-10 companies. For determining the quantity of vendors to send an RFP to, think about possibilities through the Internet or your business association, personal networks, employees, customers from your internal network, and those who attend conferences. Then, you can send your RFI to everyone you feel is able to meet your requirements. There’s no restriction for the number of RFIs you could mail, but be sure to make sure you are taking it seriously considerations. In addition, you should always include smaller companies as they may offer more opportunities to gain your company.


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