What You Didnt Know About Pet Spaying – Dog Health Issues

ily used to keep your dog from reproducing , and entering a heat cycle. Everyday Vet posted a YouTube video entitled “Dog Spay Benefits and Risks” that explains why spaying is essential.

If a dog is pregnant, the video indicates that some might require an esarean section to birth the puppies. It could make it more predisposed to pyometra and require the evacuation of the uterus without placing a risk on the abdomen. A second reason to spay your pet prior to the commencement of its first heat cycle minimizes your pet’s risk to develop mammary cancer. The initial cycle of heat lasts about six months.

Incontinence in the urinary tract can occur following ovulation. This, however, is manageable. Finally, statistics show joint pain is most prevalent among dogs that are spayed before 6 months old than those spayed later than six months of age.

Whatever method you choose to use for spaying your pet, there can be the consequences. The breed of your dog, you might consider consulting a vet prior to spaying your pet. 66gz7jo5ks.

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