How To Be More Eco Friendly –

This video offers alternatives to straws that are single-use and straws made of plastic. Seaweed straws that are eco-friendly. The demand for disposable straws is growing and increasing, this idea offers alternatives that are viable.

This video highlights how ocean science help keep waste out but present new strategies for ensuring that single-use straws stay in circulation. The video only gives an indication of what the firm can accomplish in the future. The concept that they are exploring could result in more research into possibilities of replacing what is currently seaweed.

There are many ideas about seaweed’s capacity to replace plastics, as well as help in keeping marine plastics out of the ocean. We would never have thought that seaweed could be used to replace single-use straws a several years ago. Now the future of conserving straws made of plastic and other objects that pollute our oceans are sky-high. wqklkuw4oe.

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