Which Type of Material is Best for Your Driveway? – Home Improvement Tax

to maintain it as. In this video, a driveway contractor discusses three different types of material that are used to construct driveways.
Asphalt Asphalt driveways need minimum maintenance among the three kinds. However, they cost less to begin with. It is easily affected by rain and vehicles. Cracks could develop and extend throughout the entire driveway, but they’re treated with ease. Concrete The second material that this video looks at is concrete which is the 2nd least costly substance in the video. Concrete without sealing may be damaged due to salt. So be careful when thinking about applying concrete. If concrete isn’t affected by salt, it requires the least amount to maintain out of three types of materials. Paver, the final and most costly material among all materials is paver. Pavers are susceptible to contamination with grasses. It is recommended to spray the cracks in order to rid the area of growing weeds.

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