Tips for Wood Floor Refinishing – House Killer

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Insulate the air vents window and doorways, as well as the lights using plastic
Begin by filling it with coarse gritty. Do not let it stand idle in one spot.
To observe the effects of your sanding, it is best to work along the grain. Keep sanding until you get near the edges. Utilize the same grit as well as a power hand sander, to smooth the edges. You can use a detail sander smooth the edges.
Eliminate all dust from the area after finishing sanding. Then fill in large gouges and holes that match holes made by the wood filler
To finish the job make sure to use a medium-grit sandpaper to both the hand sander at the edges, and the detail sander in the corners.
Make sure you clean up any dust using an attachment for a vacuum cleaner and brush
Third and final pass, apply fine grit sandpaper, and smooth fine scratches out in the event that the floor appears rough after finishing sanding.
If you want to change the flooring’s hue, stain it. Apply a sanding primer before applying the polyurethane. After drying, lightly rub the surface with the 320-grit paper. Clean the room once more and dry it. Using a natural bristle brush and an applicator, apply a polyurethane finish and your wood flooring restoration should be completed.

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