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If you must keep the AC unit in a closed space is not an option, put it up in a place that does not have accumulation of snow in order to stop components from getting weighed down due to heavy snowfall. To stop snow accumulation as well as to prevent it from freezing to ground, cover the unit in a sheet of tarp.

Turn off at least one of the limit switches if there is an air conditioner in your room that has its thermostat. This is to ensure that the AC unit doesn’t shut down in the process of trying to keep your home cool in the event of an outage. This may cause problems for your furnace when the power comes back on (and the reverse). The ability to turn off these limits switches is possible by flipping the switch on your furnace’s electrical panel; refer to the manual of the owner for the specific instructions for your furnace model/manufacturer combination.

Drain Your Home of Water

The process of draining the water from your home is an additional important step to be included on your checklist for winterizing your property. In the event that you own a garden hose or outdoor spigot that is left open during cold winter weather There is a high likelihood that your home could be flooded after power restoration, which would cause even more problems than just an overflowing toilet or two. Drain all appliances and pipes from the moment they begin to freeze until you’re away to prevent this from happening. Dishwashers, washing machines, and any cooking equipment like ovens and stoves should be washed.

If you are able to wait until the day of departure to empty the pipes It is recommended to begin the process prior to any freeze-thaw conditions begin to set in. If you’re lacking the right equipment or know-how to clear pipes, this isn’t a DIY project that you’re able to tackle.

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