What Is a Flange? – Continuing Education Schools

The term “flange” refers to tiny connectors that are part of a system of pipes used to connect pipes, pumps and valves. The flange makes it easy for you to get into the pipe to check, clean, or change the system. Flanged joints are constructed through the joining of two flanges by putting a gasket in between them before screwing or welding both parts. Before beginning to work with flanges, you should be sure to consult these American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME), guidelines. You cannot combine some flange kinds. Flanges cannot be mixed. The video also covers grooved and flanges with grooves. It’s simpler to conduct a pipe job by understanding the distinctions between various varieties of flanges. There are pipe flange specifications on the ASME websiteat asme.org. They have already completed the analysis to figure out what combination of distributor, pipe and flange. They are a good match. enm1do5hlr.

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